MVP Sport 

44″ Fiberglass Alignment Rods 2-Pack

Morodz Golf Alignment Rods are innovative fiberglass rods that golfers use as a portable, easy to use training tool to reinforce fundamentals of the golf swing. Due to the versatility of this product, the rods are suitable for golfers of all levels and ages. Golf Alignment Rods are a great teaching aid for instructors and make a perfect gift for that golfer in your life. Available in 10 vibrant colors, and an array of stylish decals!
• Two durable, high quality fiberglass rods measuring 5/16″ x 44″ ( length of a driver)
• 1 Inch long rubber caps designed to protect your equipment
• Instructional Booklet with multiple drills included
• Portable and lightweight storage tube included
• Stores easily in a golf bag
• Custom rods are available
• UV-coated to prevent fading
• Available in 10 stylish colors and 30+ decal options
• Made in the USA


Universal Video Holster

The MVP Sport Universal Video Holster is a truly effective way to capture your swing on video using

virtually any smartphone and even some action cameras like GoPro!.

Easily snaps onto MorodZ golf alignment rods (or other 5/16″ sticks)

Adjustable design accepts phones between 2″ – 3 3/8″ wide

Great for practice on the driving range and putting green.

Shoot video to review instantly on your phone, upload to the internet, email, or view on your computer screen.


Straight Trax Putting System

IMPROVE Alignment, Eye and Ball Position, Stroke Path, Length of Stroke, and Square Your Putter Face!

Straight Trax is made of durable polycarbonate and includes 5 fiberglass rods.

Stores easily in your golf bag, assembles in seconds, and is compatible with EZ Rule.

For better long distance putting use full length MorodZ alignment rods instead.

Adjustable rubber sliders encourage proper stroke length.

Includes Easy Setup Guide

Tru Impact Trainer

Tru Impact improves swing accuracy, muscle memory, and length.

The board encourages a proper lag, a downward strike, and a square club face at impact.

Highly visible recessed markers allow you to see where divots are made in relation to ball placement.

Tru Impact can also be used as an effective putting aid too.

High impact material, size 19″ X 13″


EZ Rule Putting Trainer

Improve Alignment, Eye and Ball Position, Stroke Path and Length, and Helps Squares Putter Face.

• Virtually Indestructable, High Grade Polystrene Design

• 2″ x 40″ Multi-Function Golf Ruler

• Clearly Visible Markings

• Lightweight and Easy to store in any golf bag

• Compatible with straight trax

• Incredibly useful



4 in 1 Alignment Kit

The 4 in 1 Alignment Kit has everything you need to get your game going in the right direction.

Improve alignment from tee to green with the included

  • Hotwire Trainer Putting String,
  • Straight Trax,
  • Collapsible Alignment Rods and
  • Ball Marking System.

Developed and endorsed by David Leadbetter