Rose and Fire

Rose & Fire progresses the craft of building headcovers. We strive to create timeless pieces with modern construction and enhanced functionality. Rose & Fire is introducing golf to classic materials that, since their industrial origins, have become sophisticated enough for the course. Every piece is authentic and true to its roots, sewn with pride by skilled craftsmen using military-grade or vintage denim machines.

We are innovators, not followers. All of our leathers and materials are genuine and we know the difference between decoration and design. Each of our headcovers is carefully designed and made in California, USA with the best unique materials from around the world.

Our name comes from the founder and his family. "Rose" was the matriarchal designer, creating hats after World War II. Rose symbolizes classic timelessness, beauty, and a respect for tradition. "Fire" is a play on the founder's last name and represents the strength and passion infused into everything we create.